Meet the individuals behind the lenses of Nicole tate photography.

We are a wife and husband team from Isanti, MN. Matt and I first met when we in elementary school and instantly became best friends. Fast forward, we are now married and still best friends. We live on a small hobby farm with a menagerie of horses, birds, dogs, and cats (if you can't tell, we love animals!). Our favorite things to do are anything outdoorsy (hiking, fishing, etc.), traveling the world, and working/relaxing on our farm.

Owners/photographers of Nicole Tate Photography splashing in the water.

My favorite photo from our wedding day in Glacier National Park. Photo credit to our friend, the immensely talented Kyle Heaser.


Nicole Tate

I have had a passion for photography since I was a small child. I remember when I got my first camera, spending hours taking pictures of flowers and my pets. My love for photography has only grown over the years. So in 2019, I decided to start a photography business as a side hustle while I pursued my PhD in animal genetics.

I have since received said PhD and currently work full-time as postdoctoral researcher in the University of Minnesota's Equine Genetics and Genomic Laboratory. Photography is still a side hustle, but one that I have grown to love and have no intention of stopping.

I think the most rewarding aspect of photography is being able to create an environment where my clients feel comfortable, confident, and able to have fun during their photoshoot. After all, when you are relaxed and comfortable, that is when you are the most you!

Meet the assistant & second photographer

Matthew Steltzner

You will often see Matt pulling my cart full of photography supplies, running back to the car to get something I forgot, or switching my lenses. He has been the epitome of support from the moment I started this business.

Matt has always had a love of photographing nature and wildlife. While this is still his favorite thing to photograph, he also enjoys being my second shooter. When he isn't working to get specific shots I have asked him to get, he is looking for unique angles and perspectives.

There are two things Matt finds most rewarding about our busines. The first, is meeting new people. As a social butterfly, Matt truly enjoys getting to know everyone we work with and hearing their stories. The second most rewarding aspect of our business for Matt is watching the moment "it all clicks". In every photoshoot, but especially in senior sessions, there is this moment where our clients relax and feel comfortable being their true selves around us.