• Choose a meaningful location. This increases the ability of your photos to reflect your personality.
  • Natural lighting is always best. If your photoshoot is indoors, make sure there are a lot of windows to ensure natural light is getting in.
  • Avoid midday, direct sunlight. This kind of lighting produces very harsh shadows and can be hard to produce beautiful photos in. Instead, pick shaded locations or schedule your photoshoot during the "golden hour" when the sun is no longer directly overhead.
  • The weather can always impact outdoor photoshoots. Choose a location with a shelter such as a pavilion or gazebo. Alternatively, you can always do a fun photoshoot in the rain, with or without umbrellas!
  • Avoid locations that are consistently busy. Not only will this remove the issue of people in the background but also more private locations make it easier for everyone to feel relaxed and less self-conscious.

Clothing & Makeup/Hair

  • Light clothing can look beautifully fresh. Dark clothing is slenderizing.
  • Avoid bright colors and busy prints as they can pull the attention away from the faces.
  • Coordinate your families outfits. Pinterest and Google images has a lot of ideas for coordination outfits. Simply search "coordinating family outfits".
  • Don't over accessorize! Again, too many accessories or too bold of accessories can distract from the faces in the photo.
  • Glasses that aren't coated in anti-reflective coatings can result in glares and strong prescriptions can distort your face. If you'd like to avoid the glare, wear contacts, lenseless frames, or just take them off during the photoshoot.
  • Simple is always better for makeup and hair. If you would like your makeup professionally done, I can recommend you to some makeup artists.